Our Services

Market Resaerch

Every business, or a product or service, needs an in depth study before they are presented to the Market. No doubt that the promoters of these will have an edge of the same. But an in depth study covers many things which are beyond the purview these key personnel. We provide data collection and analysis also. We provide

  • Group Discussions
  • Opinion Poll
  • Central Location Test
  • Customer Feedback
  • Market Surveys
  • Social Surveys
  • Data Collection
  • Mystery Audits
  • Depth Interview
  • Test Market

And Other Allied Services

The benefits of these could be

Acceptability of the product, Strategies to be adopted in the market, Judgment of sales, Understanding customer needs, Competition in the market.

Marketing Promotions

Promotion is a key to success of any business. To make your product or service to reach its users, we provide services from conceptualisation to execution. This is done by various promotional activities and events. For your brand activation we provide services for both online and offline activities. These activities include

  • Digital Marketing
  • Pamphlet Distribution
  • Road Shows
  • Trade Shows
  • News Paper Insertions
  • Launching
  • SMS Campaigning
  • News Paper Ads
  • WhatsApp Campaigning
  • Telecalling

            Any Other Activity As Per The Need

The Customer enjoys here

One stop solutions for all the needs, Saves resources and time, Will get professional and quality service, Professional Conduct of the event, Reduced stress and time, Less resource utilization.

Marketing Consultancy

Due to exposure, experience and big spread network of respective specialists we are well capable to provide business solutions especially in the field of marketing especially for startups. We assist you for

  • Activity Planning
  • Test Marketing
  • Channel Choice
  • Market Analysis
  • Team Management
  • Sales Planning
  • Sales Handling
  • Positioning

Other Similar Areas

Customer will be benefited with

Insights of business, Proper know how about the market, Understanding the market, Proper resource planning.

Investment Solutions

We provide Majorly 2 options of Investments.

  1. Mutual Funds 
  2. Life Insurance


For Mutual funds you an click the button below which takes you to respective AMCs for investing online. Life Insurance is matter of deep dive and solicitation, there is need to understand the reasons for buying a particular plan. Hence in case of Life Insurance, please contact us for better solutions